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Backtagging: No problem at all, believe me.

Threadhopping: Generally that's fine; I make sure to mark threads private if they're not open for threadjack. If you're not sure, ask!

Fourthwalling: I'd prefer not doing it with this character. NieR offers enough in the way of existential crises as it is!

Offensive subjects: I have one major squick, and that's bad things happening to fingernails and toenails. I'd appreciate a waning at least.

Hugging this character: Sure! He'd let you.

Kissing this character: Like on the top of his weird skull-like head, sure.

Flirting with this character/Relationships: Not unless you want to do cute fluff between little kids.

Easiest way to get on his bad side: Be mean to others, hurt his friends.

Easiest way to get on his good side: Seriously? Emil is friendship easy mode. You pretty much start on his good side unless you're a real prick.

Can I hack his journal/phone/communicator?: Sure.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: I'm open to these things, but let's talk it over first!

Sexual orientation: Word of god has it that he's gay? Either way he's a skeleton kid so it barely matters.

Fighting with this character: Physically, Emil is quite weak and no good with weapons. Magically, he's a powerhouse. Let's plot!

Injuring this character: Go for it, just talk it over with me before you break something.

Killing this character: Not unless it's a death is cheap kinda game, and even then let's plot first.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ask me first! I'll probably say yes, so prepare for suffering.

Warnings: Playing with this character is guaranteed to spoil some of NieR for you, if you haven't played it yet. Not so much the sequel, though.


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